Society of Parents of Children with Cancer was formed in 1985. It was initiated by members of the medical staff at Birmingham Children's Hospital who approached a small group of parents - some who had a child with cancer, others who had lost a child because of it. They joined together to support each other and to help families of newly diagnosed children.

We continue to receive the full support of the doctors, nurses and social workers who care for our children.

The necessary chemotherapy & radiotherapy often make these extremely brave children very sick and treatment sessions mean frequent stays in hospital.

Side effects of the drugs used to treat the many forms of the disease include, nausea and vomiting, hair loss, weight loss, and a supression of the immune system that leaves them open to every bug and virus there is. Even the common ailments such as chicken pox and measles can prove fatal for our children. During this time families find themselves under enormous strain. We endeavour to help them in a variety of ways through what is probably the most traumatic time of their lives.

Fun For Children

Regular outings are organised for the children and their families. Legoland, Drayton Manor & the Pantomime, are just some of the days we have arranged. We have an annual get together, other treats include days out at sporting venues, pop concerts etc.

Our services are extended to all children with cancer at the childrens hospital and not just members of SPOCC.

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