Gift aid



By simply completing a giftaid donation form you will be making a huge contribution to the work of S.P.o.C.C as we ca reclaim 25p in every £ you donate.


It’s that easy for you, that important to us and will make a real difference.



     The catch?

           There isn’t one.


Giftaid is a very simple initiative, which allows charities like S.P.o.C.C to reclaim the tax paid on donations.


This can be as much as 25p in the £ but costs you nothing apart from a few seconds of your time.


We’re just offering you one of those rare times when you can actually decide where your tax goes.


Obviously we have to record the details should the taxman come knocking but he will not contact you nor will we.


To be eligible you must be a UK taxpayer paying an amount of annual income tax (or Capital Gains Tax) to the level of your donation. This means virtually everyone who lives in the UK.


That’s it

       We’re very grateful.

               Thank You